Department of Public Health
and Occupational Medicine,
Mie University Graduate State of Medicine

Department of Public Health and Occupational Medicine,Mie University Graduate State of Medicine  


  Master of Public Health (MPH) Course
(2016 Grant-in-Aid for Specially Promoted Research)

We have started preparations to establish a new master’s course in public health, in the graduate school. A research grant from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has already been received. In 2018, a course on “Public Health" towards a Master’s degree will be established for public health workers and students specialising in medical science. We aim to solve community health problems by encouraging persons specialised in public health to work on policy-making, to bring in measures to prevent declining birth rates.
The graduate school has established a lecture system that will enable students to study during the day or night, and will enable students with full-time jobs to extend their study period for up to four years, in an effort to build a student-friendly study environment. In addition, qualification of students for entering into the graduate school will be assessed by evaluating each individual’s application to this graduate course, since one may qualify even if one has not graduated from a university. 
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Department of Public Health and Occupational Medicine
Mie University Graduate School of Medicine
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