Department of Public Health
and Occupational Medicine,
Mie University Graduate State of Medicine

Department of Public Health and Occupational Medicine,Mie University Graduate State of Medicine  


Our educational goals

A distingushing feature of the Department is that it provides a place for a variety of individuals to utilize their own expertise to conduct research, including recent graduates who have been accepted directly into a graduate program, resident physicians, working individuals, and individuals with non-medical majors.

*We train individuals to take on the role of researchers, by helping them understand the concept of public health.
*We set up the basic facilities to teach public health concepts, study designs, data analysis and paper writing, which are required for students to become independent researchers and educators.
*We teach both basics and applied epidemiology and statistics. By means of a combined lecture for undergraduate (3rd grade) students and graduate students, we provide appropriate on-site training, depending on the individual study theme, using a statistics software (SAS).
*We help students develop the ability to review literatures, and write papers targeting to English journals.


This work is supported by the Health Labor Sciences Research Grant, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research and Okasan-Kato Foundation.


Our Research Areas

1. Epidemiological study on the influence of work-related factors (including working hours) on health;

We have conducted an  epidemiological study examining the association between working hours and cardio-vascular diseases .
(2016 Health Labour Sciences Research Grant)
(2016 Okasan-Kato Foundation)

Working hours as a risk factor for acute myocardial
infarction in Japan : case-control study.
Sokejima S, Kagamimori S. BMJ. 1998 Sep
19 ; 317(7161 ) : 775-80.

2.  Examination of prognostic factors for low fertility in Japan

We have conducted a population-based study using administrative data in collaboration with Mie Town Offices.

Researchers in the Department of Public Health and Occupational Medicine use epidemiological methods to examine the impact of society, lifestyle, and work on health and disease.

We currently tackle various public health issues in local, national, and international settings.
The major topics are as follows:
1) epidemiological study that allows regional cancer registration with the cooperation of
   the govenment and the university;
2) examination of the influence of electromagnetic field on health;
3) research that uses quality of life (QOL) as an outcome; and
4) examination of influence of social capital on health;
5) clinical research and analysis of decision-making.