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May.1876 Mie Medical School established at Mie Prefectural Public Hospital, Tose Village(the present Sakae-machi,Tsu City)
Sep.1883 Mie Medical School authorized by the Ministry of Education as one of 13 First Grade Medical schools in Japan.
Mar.1886 Mie First Grade Medical School closed(Mie Prefectural Public Hospital continued)
Sep.1889 Mie Prefectural Public Hospital leased to Imai Hospital, private institution
Apr.1,1910 Tsu Municipal Hospital, transferred from Mie Prefecture at the expiration of the lease to Imai Hospital
Dec.10,1943 Mie Prefectural Medical School established
Tsu Municipal Hospital affiliated to the School
Apr.1944 Mie Prefectural Medical School opened
Jun.18,1947 Mie Prefectural Medical College established
Apr.1,1948 Mie Prefectural First Grade Nurses' Training School opened
Feb.20,1952 Faculty of Medicine, Mie Prefectural University, established
Mar.20,1959 Graduate School (Doctor course) of Mie Prefectural University established
Apr.1,1959 Change of institution name to School of Nursing in the affiliated Hospital of Mie Prefectural University School of Medicine
May.1,1972 Mie University Faculty of Medicine founded
(Mie Prefectural University transferred to the national university)
Oct.1,1973 Mie University Hospital opened
Apr.1,1974 Attached School of Nursing of Mie University Faculty of Medicine established
Apr.1,1975 Graduate School of Medicine (Doctor course), Mie University, established
Oct.1,1988 College of Medical Technology (Nursing) in Mie University established
Oct.1,1997 School of Nursing included in Faculty of Medicine (College closed)
Apr.1,2001 Master course of Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine, established
Apr.1,2002 Master course of Nursing established
Apr.1,2005 Reorganized as Institute of Medical Life Science, Graduate School of Medicine, Mie University
Jan.1,2012 New Hospital Medical Ward opened
May.7,2015 New outpatient wings opened
Apr.1,2016 Doctor course of Nursing Science established
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