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Message from the Dean

Akihiro Sudo, M.D., Ph.D.
Dean, Graduate School of Medicine/
Faculty of Medicine,
Mie University

Mie Prefectural Medical School was established as a training school for army surgeons in December, 1943 and opened in April, 1944, in the midst of World War II. In June, 1947, Mie Prefectural Medical College was founded through Council on Medical Education. Mie Prefectural University was organized by the union of Mie Prefectural Medical College and newly created Faculty of Fisheries, in June, 1950. Mie Prefectural University was transferred to the national university under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education and became Mie University Faculty of Medicine in May, 1972. School of Nursing was attached to Faculty of Medicine in October, 1997. Thereafter, our Faculty of Medicine has been consisting of two schools, School of Medicine and School of Nursing. Graduate School of Medicine was established in 1959, and furthermore, Master course of Medicine was established in 2001. Master course of Nursing and Doctoral course of Nursing were created in 2002 and 2016, respectively.

As one and only Graduate School of Medicine/Faculty of Medicine in Mie prefecture, we have endeavored the training for medical doctors and nurses endowed with morality and graduate attributes and for medical workers who can show leadership qualities. In School of Medicine, we have the internationalized programs as follows: the international elective of clinical practice in oversea medical institutions for seniors and early exposure to global medicine; education of medical English, systematic global health teaching for Juniors, Sophomores, and 3rd-grade students. We also have the community medicine program: the students in all grades can learn the community medicine in various medical institutions in Mie prefecture in support of Mie Prefecture, Mie promotional municipality association, and Mie University-related educational hospitals. Students in School of Medicine receive one-year practice in laboratory where they can participate in research under the direction of faculty members. In School of Nursing, we execute early exposure to global nursing in oversea medical institutions and clinical practice in integrated nursing in response to the needs of community citizens. By placing regional admission quotas on the number of students, our Faculty of Medicine has been trying to increase medical doctors and nurses in Mie prefecture. Our Graduate School of Medicine is comprised of four courses: Doctoral course of Medicine, Doctoral course of nursing, Master course of Medicine, and Master course of Nursing. Based on with distinctive educational programs, our Graduate School of Medicine aims to foster excellent medical workers and researchers in the next generation who can contribute to the health and well-being of mankind in regional and international communities.

We are responsible for medical service in “Umashi-kuni (beautiful and wonderful country”, Mie, and will make every possible effort to publish the academic fruits to the world.

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