Faculty of Medicine


The fundamental principle of the Faculty of Medicine is 'to address medical treatment with a firm sense of purpose and moral value, foster abundant creativity and research skills and develop medical professionals with a broad vision who can work to improve people's health and well-being'.

The medical course trains people in the fields of clinical medicine, medical science, biology and/or public health. In particular, students develop excellent communication skills, the ability to practice patient-centered treatments through extensive knowledge and advanced technology and the ability to discover and solve problems based on evidence and scientific thought. The faculty fosters in students the ability to contribute towards improving health care within regional and international communities, disease prevention and health preservation.

The nursing curriculum, designed to develop heart (empathy), head (expert knowledge) and hand (special skills), helps students become nurses with the ability to perform extensive health preservation and treatment services. Students also develop the ability to support various health conditions that people experience during the course of their lives and learn to improve their quality of life and health. Through the establishment of moral values, a sense of responsibility and a cooperative human and international awareness, this faculty trains nurses who will be able to contribute to community medicine/health preservation.


  • Medical course
  • Nursing course
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