International Cooperative Program with Sister Universities

Program Goals

  1. To promote creativity and initiative in students to train them to become first-class researchers in local and international institutions in the fields of medicine and nursing.
  2. To prepare individuals to identify and globally apply scientific observations and intellectual property to improve human health and welfare.
  3. To promote cooperative investigations between Mie University and overseas Medical and Research Institutions.

Commitment to Diversity

The international program of Mie University Graduate School of Medicine embraces the idea that diversity is central for achieving success in the academic mission. Participation of students from different countries in the program enriches graduate education by providing multiple views, ideas and perspectives that promote research, teaching, acquisition of new knowledge, and provide opportunities to learn from others with a broad range of backgrounds and experiences.

The Graduate School comprises the following programs:

  1. Doctoral Course Program: The Doctoral Program in Medicine provides high-level theoretical and practical education in life sciences and medicine to create leaders in medical and scientific research in Japanese and overseas institutions
  2. Exchange Scholar Program: This program enables researchers from Mie University and from overseas institutions to take courses or conduct cooperative investigations.

1. The Doctoral Course Program

Program degree

Students that successfully complete this program are awarded with the degree of “Doctor of Philosophy of Medicine”, which is the highest degree that the university offers.

Admission Requirements

The followings are the minimum qualifications for admission to the Doctoral Program:

  1. Age: The applicant must be < 35-year-old.
  2. Academic background: The applicant must have completed a formal education abroad and be a graduate from a medical, public health or nursing school. Applicants from countries where university education last 5-year will need to present a document showing additional education, training or work for at least 1 year (e.g.: completion of internship, training, research). Students that have received a Master’s degree are also eligible for this program.
  3. Academic cooperative agreement: Priority may be given to graduates from schools that have signed academic cooperative agreement with Mie University School of Medicine.
  4. Language: Applicants should be fluent in English. If student is not a native speaker of English she/he must submit evidence of proficiency in English language. The evidence may be results from the Test of English as a Foreign Language [TOEFL]) or any other certificate of proficiency in English language issued by officially recognized institutions.
  5. Japanese culture and language: Fluency in Japanese language is not a requisite for admission but the candidate must be interested in understanding Japanese culture and in adapting to life in Japan.
  6. Field of study: Only students seeking admission on graduate courses in medical, public health or nursing science will be eligible for the program.
  7. Health condition: The applicant must be mentally and physically healthy.
  8. No previous police records: The applicant must present a certificate of good conduct from his/her home country.
  9. 9) Visa: The applicant must be eligible to receive a student or other appropriate type of visa for the Institution’s country

Number of eligible candidates

The program can accept only a certain number of eligible candidates. The final selection of the candidate will be based on the selection criteria and the total score obtained in the entrance examination.

Application Procedure

The application guideline and forms are available at the Sister University offices. The deadline for applications at Sister University is March 31st every year. Applicants are required to submit the documents to the International Office of the Sister University and send as an e-mail attachment to the International Affairs Office of Mie University Graduate School of Medicine before the deadline. All documents must be translated to English.

2. The Exchange Scholar Program

Program Goals

The purpose of this program is to exchange graduate students, post-doc students or researchers between Mie University and Sister Universities. This reciprocal exchange program enables students or researchers to study or to conduct research or seminars at the host institution for a limited period of time.


All terms and conditions are based on the stipulations of the General Agreement for Academic Cooperation and Exchange of Scholars approved by authorities of Mie University School of Medicine and the Partner University.


The application forms of the candidate should be approved by authorities of the home and host universities. The final selection of candidates will be done by the Executive Committee of the Graduate School of Medicine in cooperation with the overseas Sister University Authorities.

Application procedures

The eligible student or researcher interested in this Exchange Scholar Program should complete and submit the application forms.

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